The last few months have been really turbulent, Everything was put in perspective by what happened. So i made a decision to totally dedicate myself to the sport, to refocus, regroup and make something of life- which i have learnt is short and beautiful. So i want to take a hold of it with both of my hands, my heart, my soul and make the most of my time. There is only one thing I want to do now, and that is to forfill my dream. For two years there has been silence from my side. However, the hunger to fight didn't get less. Right now I will do everything in my power to make this dream come true, getting to the top, win titles, fight as much as I can and even try to MMA. I'm not finished with this sport and soon Everyone will see!

Training has become a therapy for me. The more I train, the more I find myself again. Nonetheless, to have a such an amazing goal in sight works the best. Luckily this opportunity has come really fast. My second chance, my second opportunity to fight Anke van Gestel for the Enfusion worldtitle. We were supposed to fight this one in the beginning of 2013, but I had to pull out from that fight because I suffered the flu. Ilona Wijmans took my place in the fight, but Anke took the belt home. Since this day she holds the title. Getting the chance to fight her for this makes me really happy. It has given me an enormous boost to work the hardest I ever have. On October 10th 2015 this will take place in Gent, Belgium.

However, after such a long time doing nothing it is would be a difficult foundation to step in the ring for such a challenging fight. I looked for a way to fight a few other fights to find my feet in the ring again, before facing this strong Flamish lady. Luckily I didn't have to search very long. From 13 till 23 of August the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) has its yearly world cup, this year in Bangkok. A tournament which has an impressive size. More than 100 countries with more than 2000 fighters will enter the competition. This year the tournament is extra special; it will be the Royal World Cup. The Thai Royal Family will visit the competition, it will be held in the National Stadium which can have 39,000 visitors, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will be there to see if muay thai will be a new sports in the future Olympics. The tournament has never been this big. A really extraordinairy happening all together. And this is where I will compete together with the Dutch team.

The tournament is from an amateur organisation. This doesn't mean that only amateurs compete in it. The best muay thai fighters from all over the world have come to join it, but also amateurs can subscribe themselves. The games are fought with head-, chest-, elbow- and shinprotection. For me this is a totally new experience, since I always fought without protection. Next to that it is muay thai which is really different from Dutch style kickboxing. That is why I've already ventured to Thailand to get the handle on this game. The counting of points is different, the kicks need to be caught in another way to not lose points and clinching and elbows are allowed in the fight.

Muay thai in the Netherlands hasn't reached a certain status for the government to pay for our participation in the tournament. We have to pay for everything in the trip ourselves. A lot of other teams from other countries do get financial help from their government.  It is a really expensive trip for us. To finance my share I did a crowdfunding at the website Wij Zijn Sport for the last few months. The campaign was overwhelming. More than the intended goal of 8,500 euro was reached through the website in 42 days. From everywhere I recieved help and donations to make my dream come true. It was a really special experience.  Without this I wouldn't be here right now and couldn't compete in the tournament. I feel gracious and honoured that so many people are willing to help me.

Right now I'm already for more than five weeks in Thailand. In almost a week the tournament will be launched in Bangkok. Training at Superpro Samui is going really well, my weight is slowly going down and I feel that my body is getting back in shape for the competitions. From two years doing nothing and to lose the shape of maximum training and being super fit; it was a hard and rocky road, but I am glad to be back. I almost can't describe how this feels. I can't wait to be back in the ring!

Look at the link to see what the crowdfunding campaign was like. Unfortunately the campaign has ended already so donations by this medium are not possible anymore. However, sponsorships are always welcome, so if you are interested to do so you can contact me through the website.